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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FTU tutorial Girl Style using Photoshop

This tutorial was written by © Dani and through Pretty Chicka Creations using photoshop elements 8 and any similarities are purely coincidental. Please do not claim as your own. This Tutorial is Personal Use only and not to be used for any monetary gain. Now Lets get started :) and make something pretty!

This tube of choice is Francesca © Very Many. This is a PTU tube so you will need to purchase her. you can purchase from Picsfordesign.com and will need to use your license.

Next FTU Scrap kit called pimp my swag from Vaybs over and DESIGNSBYVAYBS.

Next is a FTU MASK from WitchysHeart Mask number 15. Get it here

Next is my font of choice i used simply glamorous from dafont.com

First Open Photoshop and create a new blank file 600x600 with transparent background. Then open up mask number 15. Next you'll need to put the mask on your transparent document. What you'll need to do is duplicate the layer and delete the locked one on the mask layer. simply right click on the mouse and you will have both duplicate layer then once duplicated you will have delete locked layer. then use the wizard wand to select the white background and delete it.


Then go to Enhance, Adjust Color, and then Adjust hue/saturation or simply ctrl-u. Select the colorize box and adj then adjust hue to 344, saturation to 100 and lightness to +46

Next we wanna add some elements from our scrap first start by adding the frame element 57. Resize so that is inside the masked area. Use the wizard wand selector to select inside the box of each frame. and then use your fill tool and color black then right click and select cut layer. Then on the black layer use your brush tool to fill in any parts that may be showing through.


Next behind the black layer add the pink disco ball element 21 the flowers element 62 and the sparkles element 8 make sure they are behind the flowers. and resize all to fit with the frame. next add element hairspray number 5which you may need to bring the the front. and make up number6. make sure hairspray is infront of the powder makeup. then add ribbon number 12 and make sure to drag it behind the hairspray and powder and resize to fit on the frame.

Next we wanna open up our tube layers first the headshot make sure its behind the frame but infront of the black filled frame and resize so that it is mostly in the middle of the frame. You can do this simply buy using the layers panel on the side and dragging the layer between the two. and then selecting the head shot and dragging to the preferred size. Then you want to create a clipping mask with the tube layer to the black layer so that it only show on that layer. Then on the side panel where it says layers use the drop down menu and select luminosity on the headshot layer. 

Finally you want to add the Main tube layer. Make sure its the front layer and resize to fit over the end frame and inside masked area. Right click on layer, select edit layer style, choose glow, then outer and then select the color of your choice mine is hot pink of course. Then click ok. Then add your font my choice is Simply Glamorous you can download FREE from dafont.com. Next we wanna add color to the font my choice is from the effects coloum i used wow-purple Neon, waves, and groovy. then rightclick onthe layer and choose edit layer style and remove the dropshadow. Then go to the top choose layers, simplify layer and hit ctlr-u and change font to pink. However font does not have to be this way you can add font however you would like colors and effects. Finally add copyright for tube layer art. and save remember to resize if needed. :) Happy Photoshopping everyone hope this tutorial helped.

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