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Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Facebook design!

So I redid my blog and facebook page Simple yet Elegant! I used on of my favorite Artists Very Many she is a PTU tube but I just love her!

Then I did a love timeline and avi for my best friend Stefani! Check out her facebook page
I think this is one of my favorite tubes by Zebrush you can get her PTU at picsfordesign!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

New work

 This is for my bestfriend Stefani! Feel free to check out her blog over at http://techagehippy.wordpress.com. I used one of my favorite artists VeryMany! This is a PTU tube so you can head over to picsfordesign.com and purchase it for use.
 Enjoying this awesome new Alice in Wonderland scraps. FTU I might add you can get it from Kittz Kreations over at kittzkreationz.blogspot.com. The tube I used was a Arthur Crowe orignal she is PTU so head on over to www.arthurcrowefactory.com to purchase!
420 inspired using another arthur crowe orignal PTU!

Simply Mad!

Today i decided to create a tag for my friend Stefani! This tag was created with a FTU scrap kit from KittzKreationz over at http://kittzkreationz.blogspot.com. I also used a PTU tube from Ninaste. Not your average color for an Alice in wonderland theme but we are all just a little mad right?