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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hell on Heels

New tag and I'm in love!!!! Artist : Arthur Crowe / arthurcrowesfactory.com this is a PTU TUBE so you must have a license and you can purchase it from ^. The Scrap kit is from the talented Kristen i love all of her stuff. You should check out her blog over at Toxic Desirez! and the template FTU by Beth over at blissfullybeth. Made for my friend Stefani and SwaggabyStefani

Saturday, September 29, 2012


New Scrap today called DINORAUR! I have 3 boys who are obsessed with dinosaurs so thats where this inspiration came from lol. This kit was made by me and any similarities are purely coincidental. It is FTU onlything i ask is you send to PRETTY CHICKA CREATIONS to download! Thanks ENJOY PSPING :) SIMPLY CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


New scrap kit! This kit has a template, wordart, and is Sunshine themed. I hope you all enjoy. This is free to use and all I ask is you send to my blog for downloading! Any similarities to any other kit are purely coincidental and is not meant to be a copy. Happy Tagging for PRETTY CHICKA CREATIONS..


Sunday, September 23, 2012

new Avi

Made my self a new avi and might possibly make a tag to go with lol! I just love arthur crowe.... 

(this avi is made specifically for me and not for anyone elses personal use and do not erase my credit as this is a PTU tube and you must have a license)

ok so i made a tag hahaha!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bad Girls Rock! Tutorial via Photoshop

This Tutorial was inspired by the lovely new tube from Arthur Crowe!This Tut was created by me Dani and any similarties are purely coincidental!

Supplies Needed
FTU Scrap by Kittz Kreations called BadassChick
FTU Template  225 from Missy over at Divine Intentionz
I chose IloveMetal by ArthurCrowe she is PTU so you must have a license
You will also need filter Radiance from the XERO pack
and the word art from me BadGirls Rock

Start out by resizing the Template to 500/357 make sure that you color thin rect 1 black and thin rect 2 redish pink.

Next go to the FTU SCRAP and open papers b-p1(drag layer infront of the large circle and create a clipping mask by going to Layer and choosing clipping mask or ctrl-G), gb-p002(drag layer infront of the smaller circle using the same ctrl-g create a clipping mask), and gb-p0038(drag layer infront of the small squares and ctrl-g or layer/clippingmask over squares).

Next we will add the elements you will need gb-mendedheart(place on the left corner of the white frame and resize to fit on frame), gb-bear(place infront of right side of the white frame but make sure it will be behind the BadgirlsRock wordart), gb-string(first duplicate this layer make sure the first layer is behind the mended heart and the bear but on top of the white frame. Then take duplicate layer and drag behind the white frame. Take your erase tool and on the top layer of the string erase some so it looks strung through the frame), and gb-n( resize to fit in lower right corner of the tag infront of the bear but going to be behind wordart.) Then add the word art in front of the bear and the music notes.

Now open your tube. First add the tube and resize the face to fit in the center of the front frame (should be resized a little smaller then the left and right copies) , then add the tube again and duplicate this time one showing on the left side of the frame and one of the right make sure two different parts are showing and then choose from the dropdown on layers and make the original and duplicate on the right and left luminous. Then add radiance filter to the center tube. also make sure to clipping mask ctrl-g or layers/clippingmask the tube to the framebackground. Next we will drag a new layer of the tube on for the 3 black rectangles all in different poses of your choice and make luminous again and add radiance filter to all three layers and clipping mask to each rectangle ctrl-g or layers/clippingmask.

Now add your main Tube layer usually full version of the tube to the Right side of tag and resize to fight to your liking. right click on tube choose edit layer style check mark glow, choose outer glow and change color to purple of your choice and press ok. then Add Credits and Name and you are finished.

Made my finishing Tag for Kittz cause of her awesome kit :)

Hope you enjoyed this Tut and good luck and happy photoshopping or PSPING :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Forum Set

made my bestie a new forum set.... i love it :D thought id share... feel free to hop on over to her blog and enjoy her tuts :) SwaggabyStefani

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rocker WordArt

Thought I'd go for some wordart for creativity actually because i made a tag with it and thought others might like :) oh and this is FREE TO USE! Any similarities are purely coincidental and this was created thru pretty chicka creations. Just click the image to download!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


There is definitely a TUT COMING for this one! I used the wonderful art of ©VeryMany she is a PTU TUBE so you will need to purchase her and have a license to use i purchased her from SCRAPSANDTHECITY.COM. I also used a kit by one of my favorites ©KittzKreationz you can download this FTU kit from her blog! and Finally the Template came from one of my good friends Melissa over and HEARTSDESIRESTEMPLATES. Be sure to hop on over to her blog and download the FTU template.

This is an AVI/Tag Set! 
I also Made Kittz one because i just love this Scrap set :D

As Naughty as you want me!

I created a new tag today! It was again using my talented friend Melissa's template over at hearts desires templates! Its free to use download it now and create something awesome! This was made using one of my own kits this time called Blissfully Beautiful.... AND I chose a beautiful tube from Keith Garvey she is PTU so you must have a license to use her... ENJOY and happy tagging ♥... 

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Tag

Possible tut coming with this one! :D I used the wonder VeryMany at scrapsandthecity.com she is a licensed tube so you must have a license to use her! I also used a template from my friend Melissa you can get that from her blog. And finally this awesome Halloween scrap thats FTU from KittzKreations be sure to check out here blog for download...


I did a challenge recently and after the effect not wanting to work on my computer several times this is what i got lol finally got the effect to work hahaha! You can attempt this challenge here with this tut by vaybs over  at Creative Addictions!


this was me playing around with the setting lmao!!! 

And last but not least the last one i attempted lol

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Made this with my friend Melissa's FTU template called Reflection! Feel free to download from her blog! Also used my new FTU kit Boo Halloween! you can download that here. Enjoy and happy tagging! And i chose the wonderful art of ISMAEL RAC you can download his tube with purchase at www.xeracx.net must have a license to use this tube.

BOO Halloween

New Scrap today! its a Halloween based scrap. FTU all i ask is you send to my blog for download! This scrap was made by me and any similarities are purely coincidental. ♥ Enjoys!♥

 and I made a tag of course with the awesomeness...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blog Layout!

So i redid 2 blogs today!

My own with this adorable halloween themed kit from KittzKreations and art from the wonderful Arthur Crowe. The kit is FTU and super freaking adorable lol however the tube that was used is a PTU tube and you must have a license to use it.

Then I hopped over to my friend Melissa's blog called Hearts Desires Templates and gave her a wonderful make over with a FTU kit from Kristin over at Toxic Desires... 
Also im using the wonderful art of Ismael Rac this tube is a PTU and you must have a license to use it.

Sugar Rush Tag

I made this tag for my friend Melissa! :D this is my new scrap/mask set called sugar rush its free to use and you can download here! Also the tube used was by the awesome VERY MANY over at picsfordesign.com. She is a PTU tube so you must have a license and purchase her to use.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Sugar Rush

New Template/ Scrapkit/ Mask combo

These were created by Dani @ prettychickacreations and Any similarites are purely coincidental. Please send to my blog for downloading. Leave some love if you take :) Free to Use! Click the preview below to download. Happy tagging everyone!